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Call for Applications `for 100 most influential Career Expert Mentors to participate in the Liberia Career Advancement Network “career readiness program” and get featured in our upcoming Magazine.

Almost every week, we get a request from someone looking for a mentor. Frankly, we always find it difficult to say “no.” we think this is probably because we have profited so much from the various mentors we have had throughout our life and career. We also know how difficult it can be to find a good mentor. As a result, we have started a mentoring program. Our goal is to impact the lives of young graduates in transition in order to connect them to the world of work in a meaningful way.

We know that you have been mentoring already. We know that your mentorship contribution is making a big impact in your community. We want to make sure that as you help others stay skilfully fit for the job market, you too is future proofing your career and is recognized by the world for your great work.

This is why, we are not just asking for your mentorship, we are making sure that you are featured as one of our 100 most influential Mentors that Liberia will remember. This is NOT because you have life all figured out. You don’t. You continue to struggle and fall. But You have learned a few things along the way and want to share those with others after you and to give back to society.


Who is an influential mentor? We are looking for Liberia’s 100 most influential mentors who are making impacts in their community and at large, and who want to commit to building people up and sharing their stories in a beautiful magazine that both employers and the whole world can see. This will be published on our website as well. Can be national or international professional of any age who completes the online registration and submits supporting documents for database records and magazine authenticity.

Application Process

Step one: Mentors – submit an online registration form Mentorship Application and submit supporting documentation to and give back to society by connecting graduates to the world of work in a meaningful way.

Step two: Once we get all the applications in, a committee will review them and will select 100 most influential mentors to be part of the program and to be featured in our upcoming magazine.

We will notify you via email by December 1, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. about your submission. It will be difficult to vet if you do not submit the relevant supporting documents listed in this application. Although we appreciate your volunteering services, maintaining a good record of our mentors will help with our program success and accurate publication.

Step three: The mentors attend an informational session at the beginning of the program to learn about the mentoring tips and best practices contained in our Mentor/Mentee Guidebook.

Step four: The mentors and mentees meet at the Welcome and Orientation Kick-off Reception to learn about the program and its intended outcomes. Mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to network with colleagues to learn personal and professional information. Mentees will learn from mentors as they share information on their roles and what they are looking for in a mentee.

Step five: Official notices are sent to the mentees and mentors regarding the mentorship match and containing LICAN Guiding Handouts for Mentors and Mentees.

The application process will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Once you’ve begun the application, you cannot leave it and return. You’ll need to finish it at one sitting and submit all supporting documents.

The application period will open July 1, 2019. Applications must be received by September 30, 2019 by 5pm. Applications received after this time frame will only be reviewed and listed for future engagements.

Step 6: Implementation

  • Mentors will facilitate our professional development workshops, simulated based sessions and group mentoring sessions as planned and will schedule the individual consultation sessions with mentors. The date and time of the individual consultation sessions are determined and scheduled by LICAN in consultation with the mentor and mentee.
  • Mentors and mentees work together on a mutually established schedule for one calendar year and collaborating together on the mentee’s Personal Development Plan (PDP), program expectations, career goals, and next steps as the ongoing application mentorship kick out after the training.
  • At the end of the program, the mentor and mentee evaluate progress made and complete LICAN post-assessment survey
  • Mentors and mentees convene to celebrate the completion of the program at the “Closing Ceremony” event. Mentees will receive a LICAN Career Readiness Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. Mentors will also receive “community service mentoring certificates” and recognition for their support and participation. This will also be a sponsorship fundraiser to support the next cohort.

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Purpose of this mentoring program

Mentors are an integral part of our program as they assist mentees with assessing career interests and qualifications, exploring career options and taking action on developing career objectives. They support the development of career paths that enhances career mobility and helps focus development activities for mentees. Particularly, our mentors focus on guiding and motivating mentees to present former applications for a job, scholarships, and fellowships by quality assuring their work and presentation.

The Cost to You

Career Expert Mentors automatically join our premium membership and become career ambassadors. This is opened to all professionals/ Experts with diverse career area competencies, committed to serving as career mentors by helping others make a difference in their career through application reviews;

Subscription to this membership is free. Ambassadorial members can also choose to make donations and support program outcomes where necessary;


  • Provide one-on-one support to program participants by guiding their path to career advancement (provide application support services)
  • Get regular updates on career advancements/professional development opportunities that also benefit Mentors
  • Special recognition at annual event and earn Certificate of community support
  • Networking to get ahead


The deadline for applications is September 30, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. This is a firm date so apply as soon as you and your spouse are together on the commitment.

What questions do you have about this program that we did not answer above? Contact us!

All the Best!!!!

“No matter what Life throws at you, stay skillfully fit for the Job Market”

The LICAN Team