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LiCAN brochure 2019

Co-founded in 2019 by two development professionals in the fields of Law and Policy and in partnership with prominent individuals and organizations, Li-CAN initiative is a registered non-governmental social enterprise organization, leveraging the power of networks to foster career advancement opportunities and bridge the employability skills gap between school and work; for young college students and unemployed graduates under 38 years of age in Liberia.

Motto: “ helping you stay skilfully fit for the job market”.

Overall & specific Objectives:

To build professional connections, mentor and develop employable graduates, improve employability prospects, help unemployed college graduates build exceptional profile and stay skilfully fit for the job market

Specific objectives includes:

1.  To assist college graduates in identifying skill gaps and plan individual career advancement by building a portfolio of skills valued by employers;

2. To assist college graduates in transforming their college resumes into professional real world resume and build attractive and convincing profile;

3. Help college graduates and beneficiaries recognize the value of their skills and build self confidence;

4. To help college graduates write effective job application including resume, cover letter, motivational letter, interviewing techniques and selection criteria responses;

5. To support the technological transformation of college graduates to build professional online profiles using applications such as Linked-in and to provide Careershift solutions software subscription services where beneficiaries can upload their credentials, update regularly, store individual job application, store supporting documents, record, save, store your correspondence history records automatically and apply for positions anywhere;

6. To grow the network of college graduates and develop knowledge and skills to be at edge in the job market;

7. provide an application support service where college graduates can have access to one on one mentoring and coaching and support in preparing job, scholarship and fellowship applications using an application lab service;

8. To support regular community career symposium to energize and equipped community graduates and entrepreneurs with skills to get ahead;

9. To present practical approaches and develop flexible modules of skills that are not specific to a particular career path but useful for all employment sectors;

10. To provide consultancy for organizations wanting to recruit from a talent stream of prepared graduates in order to get the right staff;

11. To support organizations wanting current employees to join a network and benefit from employability training and ongoing professional development initiatives;

12. Students will learn about the many different resources, opportunities, and events available to them as a college student;

12. Students hear from their career adviser throughout the period to help connect them with Career Advancement resources and experiences;

13. To help participants learn how to speak and write about your skills;

Our Mission:

Li-CAN initiative is a 21st century career advancement network, rooted in the worldwide quest for human capital development. We exist to fulfil our organization’s promise to provide ongoing training and mentoring support to college graduates in addition to their degrees in order to set them apart from the rest. We use innovative tools and practical strategies to strengthen important skills and achieve high impact change in employability standards. We access skills weaknesses and strengths individually, we train, and guide you in building a rewarding profile that puts you at edge in the job market.

our Vision:

As the need for Direct Career Advancement opportunities for youths and college graduates in Liberia increases, we envision a future where justification for unemployment stagnation is not heavily rested upon the lack of capacity and professionalism in youths or the perceived inability of entry level employees to deliver real world results; We foresee a future where everyone who made efforts to attend and graduate from college can have opportunities to advance, build confidence in education and continuous learning. By providing a new dimension in job seeking and preparedness of graduates for the job market Li-CAN will connect policy makers, private sectors, businesses sand organizations of over 100 career experts in diverse fields from Liberia and internationally to provide premium volunteering mentoring services to beneficiaries which could lead to policy changes and support at the state level.

Our core values
We are Committed to change, adaptable and resilient to reality, motivated, accountable and we believe in a culturally fit engagement;

Theory of Change

Li-CAN initiative team believes that capacity strengthening opportunities are not only provided by government even though public sector partnership is paramount and that it should not be a culture in society that education seem less important since it does not transform into a suitable job for all who made it through college.

It is clear about the scarcity associated with jobs. Not everyone that needs and wants a job will find one. However, they must have opportunities to advance

Given the uncertainty of the job market, there must be opportunities after college for graduates to understand what is required to strive in a tough job seeking network driven world.

We therefore believe that a revolution in capacity strengthening and career advancement is underway when a college student or graduate armed with confidence and drive can create opportunities that reaches everyone in Liberia. We believe that you will never be a suitable candidate just because an expert helped you prepare your application. You need to invest in your career advancement plan, build an attractive profile, become employable and fit for the job market.

The collective experience of Li-CAN initiative team as well as the inclusion of experts-area mentors in different career fields suggest that this method of change if employed can have greater impact than having one-off career workshops with no further support during career decision making processes. Career advancement efforts that incorporate this essential and powerful mix of Development experts, lawyer, organizers and expert mentors are bound to succeed. Li-CAN founders as well as the conclusion of some of the most creative thinkers in career advancement, suggested that when this method of change is employed, it can have much greater resonance than one-off workshops.

Apart from the urgent need for a well-designed program to adequately address the grave capacity gaps and career stagnation in Liberia, this career network organization comes as a result of the need to take action to realize the passion of two development experts in the fields of Policy and Law as they drive change in their community and country. It also concerns a host of other colleagues willing to work on related projects as a joint venture activity given the benefits it brings to society by pulling ideas and resources.

Given their passion for education advancement, this program helps provide opportunities that no matter what, young people who make good choices and efforts to attend college and engage with Li-CAN activities are equipped with employable skills and guided professionally as they strive to put themselves at edge of career advancement opportunities.
Governance and structure: The people leading our Organization



  1. Cllr. Meo Debbah Beyan, Board Chairman
  2. Dr. Edwin Gbargaye
  3. Atty. Sadia Wollor
  4. member coming soon
  5. member coming soon

Administrative Operational leadership team & Board Secretariat

Chief Executive Ambassador(CEA): Mrs. Patience Coleman Beyan

Mrs.  Beyan is a Development Policy Specialist with over 15 years of experience working on youth advocacy, gender equality and poverty reduction campaigns both locally and internationally. She currently serve as Director for Civil Service Reforms at the Civil Service Agency where she coordinates the Public Sector Modernization Project, a multi-donor portfolio supported by the World Bank, USAID and Sweden, designed to professionalize the workforce, improve pay and performance and strengthen payroll systems in the Government of Liberia. She is the Chief Executive Ambassador of the Liberia Career Advancement Network (Li-CAN initiative), a registered non-governmental organization, leveraging the power of networks to foster career advancement opportunities for young unemployed graduates. She is responsible for supervising and coordinating the operation aspects of the organizational planning and implementation. She holds two Master degrees in Development Policy and Diplomacy and a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from the Australian National University since 2014. She established the vision for this initiative since she wrote her Economics major college thesis on youth unemployment in 2005 and again contributed to the USAID Liberia Development Conference anthology by writing an analytical paper on Youth Employability and Workforce Development in 2017. This initiative serves as a major action taken to realize her quest to continue giving back to society and to create awareness about the benefits of continuous learning as well as the development of skills that help people take charge of their career and stay skilfully fit for the job market.

Mrs. Worto Glasgow, Program Ambassador- Financial Management

Mrs. Rebecca Major, Program Ambassador- Organizational Development

Mr. Prezton Vaye, Program Associate- Events & Projects

Ms. Harriette Thomas, Program Ambassador-Gender

Ms. Claudia Cephas, Program Ambassador-Membership

Ms. Sabbady Wilson, Program volunteer, Stella Maris Polytechnic

Ms. Precious Wahpoe, Program Volunteer, African Methodist Episcopal University

Ms. Olive Dalieh, Program volunteer, United Methodist University

Contact us:

Email: capinnovation2019@gmail.com

Cell no: 0775141421

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. I signed up the the upcoming symposium and it is to be attended by various college/university students, but sadly not all the tertiary institutions are listed. Starz College of Science and Technology, Bluecrest, Tubman University, and many others. It totally leaves people out from those institutions of higher learning who are hoping to be a part of this event.
    This is something that calls for review and adjustment.

    With Gratitude,
    Ernest Lavi Lincoln
    Enlisted Participant


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