Day 1 lesson answer keys for Parents-Making your kids corona break essential in Liberia (Next new lesson March 28, 2020)

As promised, parents can now access Answer keys for lessons posted on March 25th, 2020 for Grades 5-8 in order to make it easy for parents to correct their kids work and to guide them during their studies. For Grades 1-4, just follow the instructions in the workbook. Its a whole package for the whole week with drawings, instructions, etc.

All the Best! The Corona pandemic will be reversed soon! Stay focused but get out well informed.

5th Grade nonfiction-reading-test-reading

5th grade answers 1

6th fact-and-opinion-worksheet

6th Grade answers 1

7th fact-and-opinion-worksheet-6

7th Grade answers 1

8th a-respectable-woman

8th Grade answers 1

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