Is Economic Integration the solution?

For me this is progress. When I was a student of Public Policy and Diplomacy at the Australian National University, we articulated issues regarding integration and development. I remembered leading a diverse High Distinction team from five countries around the world in my Program Management Class. We developed a railway connectivity project for ECOWAS States […]

Reform message from President of the WorldBank Group

Achieving Good Development Outcomes From Country Level ProgramsJune 5, 2019 • 128 Likes • 1 Comments David MalpassPresident at World Bank Group Two months into my tenure as World Bank Group President, what stands out most for me is the urgency of our mission. Too many people continue to live in poverty; too many live without access to clean water, […]

College Degrees & the future of jobs

The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills According to the survey Freelancing in America 2018, released Wednesday, 93 percent of freelancers with a four-year college degree say skills training was useful versus only 79 percent who say their college education was useful to the work they do […]